Friday, October 16, 2020

Finally Nights

 Wednesday after I took Max home, I arrived back at the condo thirty minutes before Firefly.  I was tired, but Firefly likes to stay up late into the night.  She went back to the bathroom to apply a face mask and a hair treatment.

"Did you die in there?"  I text her, after several minutes pass.

"Give me five minutes loser," she replies.

Text and meme's continue to be exchanged.

"I swear I am going to get that sex doll while you are away."

"Oh hush you are gonna miss me!"

When she finally gets out she sits and front of me wearing only a pair of nude colored pants and asks for a back rub.  I oblige knowing what will come after but my heart is not into the task.  I am horny and tired and still have not gotten my second wind. She lets me off the hook quickly after a few minutes and lays next to me.

"It is so wrong that I like having sex with you more than Toad, (the boy she is seeing), but you have a bigger dick and more experience," she says.

I smile and ask, "should we get out the toys for our last night?" 

She says yes, so I pull a small vibrator from the dresser and use it while going down on her.  Her body arches and squirms to my rhythm. She doesn't last long before she is pulling me up toward her.

"Thought you liked girls going down on you,"  I whisper in her ear. 

"They don't have dicks," She says and grinds her pelvis into me.  

I tease her before entering her, "What do you want?"

"Your dick."

I enter her slowly, continuing to tease before burying myself deep inside her.  It is an epic sexual encounter.  Pillows are knocked from the bed as we have sex in multiple positions.  I finish with me on top of her missionary.  We are both hot and sweaty.  

"We will still have time to do it again tomorrow," she says to me. "You hungry?"

"You are crazy," I tell her.

We go downstairs and I help her make a chicken wrap.  It is close to 3:30 am before we settled under the covers.  Firefly wraps her leg over my torso and cuddles her face into my chest.  She is asleep in minutes.