Monday, January 17, 2022

Vacation Conversation

And the reason oughtta leave her calm, I know
I said I don't know whether I'm the boxer or the bag...Yellow Ledbetter, Pearl Jam

The system that brought snow and ice to the northeast left us with colder temperatures and heavy winds. The wind rumbled outside this morning, causing the condo to flex and groan. Ava canceled dinner yesterday. When I checked in with her earlier in the day, I got an "oops." We are still getting together on Tuesday, though.

I finished Vampire Diaries over the weekend. It was a sappy unrealistic happy ending but isn't that why we call it fantasy. I like how the three series are linked together, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies, but I watched them out of order. I prefer binging older series. That way, I have plenty of episodes to watch.

I would like to plan a vacation for March, but I am unsure where to go. I am sure Ava would be up for a long weekend away somewhere warm, but I don't want to plan something active. I don't want to spend all the days on a beach somewhere. Any suggestions? I am thinking about Cumberland Caverns in Tennesse.

I could take Ava to Key West, but that is what she is used to guys doing. I went to get her out of that element and set myself apart. Or at least see if she is up for the adventure before settling for the safe alternative. This is the conversation we had concerning the possible trip.

Ava: Exploring caves seems dangerous.

Bathwater: So that is a yes?

Ava: Sure, lol.

Bathwater: Have I ever steered you wrong?

Ava: Lol, not yet.

Bathwater: Well we could play it safe and lounge around Key West in a black bikini (she doesn't own a bikini--I know shocking). But honestly, everyone takes you to the beach.

Ava: Lol

Bathwater: Either way I'd be pushing at your boundaries a little, cuz I know you can handle it.

Ava: Thanks, I would be open to trying almost anything with you (bashful emoji).

Bathwater: That's right because you are safe with me.

Ava: Yes, you have always made me feel safe and comfortable.

Bathwater: But I want you to try new things too. It can be very empowering.

Ava: Yes, I need to take more baby steps in new directions. I agree.

Ava has stores of pent-up energy. I see it leaking out when she talks about stuff she has a passion for. I like releasing that energy.


 The ruins behind the castle wall are a work in progress. I am waiting for some parts to come in the mail to finish the walkway. You can never have enough smooth tiles.

In the left side of this image the castle if falling down. On the right we see the results of fire damage.

I don't think I will extend it past this point, but in my head I am designing something for the empty space on the right.
I've started using the technic of building on plates and mounting them to the walls. 

The whole project is an experiment in different building technics advanced of just putting brick on brick.

Currently the rest of the project is tucked away in the closet to reduce dust and make it easier to flip this section from front to back.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sunday, Boring Sunday

 I am going to dinner with Ava this evening. We haven't picked a time or place. We are doing something casual. Tink finds it strange that Ava will go out with me between our scheduled visits, but I don't think it odd. I think it is better for her. she gets a free meal, and it doesn't give me time to lose interest.

Firefly is in jail for the weekend. Not for anything new, but she is still dealing with her past indiscretions. The doctor told her she was eight weeks pregnant. Firefly goes to the doctor for an ultrasound in February. 

Firefly and her boyfriend will struggle, but this baby might keep her alive. Lord knows nothing else has done that. I know I am being optimistic, but I like to hope for the best for people.

The ruins behind the castle wall are coming along nicely. I will post more pictures this week. I still do not have enough room to place a dragon in the ruins, but I have just decided to extend the model to the right and hide the dragon under a mountain instead. This will be a challenge; the mountain will need to be very tall. I am not sure I will have enough dark grey to accomplish it, but I don't want the model to get too wide, or people will not get close enough to enjoy all the details. I have always wanted to create a dragon sleeping on a pile of treasure. I have a load of gems and gold pieces for just such a scene.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

No News

 I will be working from home Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday through February 2nd. It seems like last year all over again. I am feeling back to normal and worked out yesterday. The only good thing about going to the office is the access to the gym. Without, I use my bike downstairs and the free weights around the house.

I am listening to The 48 Laws of Power, watching The Vampire Diaries, listening to Ian Hunters's Welcome to the Club, and lying low. I don't have plans to get together with Ava until next Tuesday. I was going to recap our escapades from last week. Suffice it to say, they were not benign. 

Firefly had Covid over the holiday. Tinkerbell was sick the first week of the month. T-Rex and I have covid now. It seems no one is safe from this new variant. None except Tink and T-Rex had contact with each other. Last year I knew few people with the virus. Today I know few people who haven't had the virus. Luckily, no one has been seriously ill.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Monday Morning

Ava: If you are not better by early next week, I'll bring you a wellness basket.

Bathwater: Something tells me cupcakes and ice cream would not be a part of that basket.

Ava: Lol, you would be correct.

I won't be needing green juice smoothies. I stayed inside and watched Vampire Diaries this weekend. The worst of my cold or virus occurred Saturday. I felt a bit feverish and lost some sense of taste and smell. This morning, I am well on my way to recovery with just a bit of itching in my nose.

My work has initiated a work from home policy for January. I will be working from home Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday until February 2nd. They were a week too late in starting this, but better late than never. I do not care for the drive.

Weather wise, we received some of that freezing rain... I think, and it will be in the single digits today. I have no plans on going outside as long as my supply of muffins and ice cream last. I am back to exercising this afternoon at home. I will have to figure out our policy for coming back to the office. I might have to get tested just to come back.

Friday, January 7, 2022


 Thursday after work, Ava and I went to the Detroit Zoo. It was cold out, but we dressed well, and it was bearable. The animals were all inside; it was only about the lights. The exhibit was empty. Which is the way I prefer things. There were no crowds to push through.

I started to develop a sore throat Thursday. At first, I thought it was because some hot tea went down the wrong pipe, but I could not deny that I got sicker as the day progressed. I have had three shots. The symptoms are not bad, other than a hoarse voice. I don't have a fever, runny nose, or cough. I would probably be at work today any different cold season, but I stayed home because this is most likely the virus.

I am not going to get tested. I do not want to waste the day standing in line for them to tell me what I already know. It won't change anything. I think everyone will get this version of the virus eventually. Perhaps that will give us some herd immunity.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Wolfpack Tower 2022

The original Wolfpack Tower was released by Lego in 1992, and it looked like this. It was a fantastic model for its day and part of the iconic Wolfpack series. It sold for $30 new. An original sealed set is worth over $500 (probably closer to $1000). Used sets go for $130. I have enough original pieces to build two used sets. The black printed corner pieces, figures, and flags are the key components that are hard to find.

Thirty years later, my reinvention looks like this.

I never get tired of just looking at this.