Friday, January 15, 2021

Stupid Attempt at Deception

 Yesterday it was easier to wake Firefly.  She had a plan.  It was not a good plan but she thought she was clever.  She got in the shower.  Her mother came by and they exchanged presents.  After, Firefly put on a grey and black hoodie over a black midriff baring cami and a pair or tight jeans.  She did her make-up.  

"This is how you are going to go into rehab?"  I asked.  She looked inappropriately hot.  "They are going to label you trouble as soon as you walk in the door."

"They already will.  They know me here."

"Tell me why you are going here again?"  I asked her.  she avoided the question.

She also avoid most of my questions concerning her boyfriend.  It was fishy.  I did find out.  This was his second DUI in as many weeks.  He is not a drinker either.  She wouldn't tell me what substance he had in his system.  

The rehab is ten minutes away from the house.  She does not like the place.  "Why are you going here then?"

"I have been banned from everywhere else around here."

I am not sure if that is true.  That isn't the reason she choose this place or this time to go.  She didn't need a rehab.  She has been laying around the house for days taking her Suboxone.  That was the only drug in her system.  She needs an out patient program or to start going to meetings.

We got into the truck and I dropped her off at the entrance to the rehab.  firefly gave me a quick hug and went inside.  When I got home I sent a text to the "boyfriend's" mother.

"Firefly just checked herself into Harbor Oaks.  I find it suspicious because before she spoke to the boyfriend she said she didn't need rehab or a day program."

"That is where he is," was her reply.

My suspicions were right.  The mother called me and we discussed the situation.  She was not happy.  She intended to call Harbor Oaks and tell them about the situation.  I was not happy about it either.  Firefly has a $128 ticket due in ten days and instead of getting a job she was checking herself into rehab.

I finished my work day and went to see my friend Alexis.  She cut my hair and I did some work on her her bike she had installed on a stand in her basement.  It was eight-thirty when I returned home.  I notice the living room light was on as I drove. I parked in the garage and enter through the kitchen.  At first I thought my son Max was over.

Firefly was balled up on the couch sleeping.  Her suitcase and travel bag were discarded at the front door. 

"What are you doing her?"


"Why are you here?"

"You already know why I am her."

"How did you get home?"

"I walked."

I doubt she walked the four miles. She doesn't have the strength.  I laid into her.  "You have a ticket due in ten days.  I am not paying it.  You should be looking for a job, not playing footsie in rehab."

I have noticed, Firefly doesn't have a problem getting clean.  Billie never made it through the first day of withdrawals.  Firefly has a problem staying clean.  Staying busy.  She doesn't know what to do with herself when she is not doing drugs.  

"Haven't you fucked up that guys life up enough in the two months your known him?"

She insisted his life was already fucked up.  From what the mom said that is probably true but Firefly is not making it any better.

Firefly spent the night on the couch.  We usually sleep together.  I didn't care.  Her allure is waning.  It would not be hard to find another girl to replace her.  I would like her to leave.  I will not be making it comfortable for her to stay.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Crash Details

 Sunday about 11:00 in the morning a get an unknown call.  "Are you Firefly's stepfather?"

"Um, why what is going on with her?"

"She was in a car accident.  It was pretty bad."

I get directions from the woman, apparently the mother of the young driver Firefly rear ended, and head out of the house.  The accident occurred in Roseville.  A twenty-five minute ride from the house.  The Saturn Vue still ran but the front end was demolished.  It looked like she did not even try to stop.  She said she was fixing her mirror.  The car she hit was an older Jeep compose with a tire on the back.  It had damage but still ran fine.

I took Firefly home.  She had no phone or overnight bag in her car.  Apparently she was arguing with the boyfriend and walked out without them.  Firefly has a sprained wrist and her left leg is bruised.  she spent the next three days in bed.

Ironically the boyfriend got pulled over an hour after the crash.  They searched his car and found drugs.  He spent two days in jail.  His car was impounded and Firefly's phone, which was in his car, is now no where to be found.

Yesterday after a long talk with this boyfriend, Firefly checked herself into a local rehab.  When I suggested she go into a day program she said she didn't need too.  She is going there today.  She is not telling me what she was on, or what she did.  She claims she doesn't remember.  I tell her she has a selective memory.  If I had to guess, she was probably using Xanax or crack.  

Firefly hasn't been talking to me much since she spoke with the boyfriend.  Probably because his mother called me looking for him when he was in jail.  She was going through his call log and saw my number because Firefly was trying to get her phone from him. This boyfriend lives on his own with roommates but apparently the mother keeps close tabs on him.  I told the mother everything the two were up too.  Firefly and him both sell drugs.  He allows her to smoke crack.  I told the mom, Firefly is not girlfriend material right now. This boyfriend is a recovering addict.  How quickly she is dragging him down.

Firefly knew this guy only three weeks before we went on vacation. She has been around him less time than what we spent on our trip and she was practically glued to him before we left.  I think he told her she had to go to rehab if she wanted to continue dating him.  I cannot wait to see how that works out.

Regardless she is going back to rehab and I do not have to deal with her...for now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

More Details From the Road

 From Michigan we either drove through or stayed in the following states:



Tennessee- Nashville, Memphis

Arkansas- Hot Springs,


New Mexico- Carlsbad, White Sands

Arizona- Tucson, Sabino Canyon 

California- Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert

Nevada- Las Vegas

Utah- Springdale, Zion National Park, Moab, Arches National Park


Nebraska- Ogallala

Iowa- Davenport



We travel through sixteen states, including our own, in twenty-four days.  Not enough time but we were ready to come home.  There was less to see and do in the colder states.  We canceled a stop in Chicago due to everything being closed and just drove home.

I do not mind being back to work.  I see it as a necessary evil.  At least we are still working from home for now.  Not sure how much longer that will last.  

Firefly managed to total the Saturn two days after our return.  She rear ended another vehicle.  I am not sure what to do with her.  She is like a bad penny.  As of now she is mopping around depressed because she doesn't have a car.  It will take years for this one to learn.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Return Home

There was still a lot of people out in Vegas New Years Eve.  I don't understand why when midnight strikes it is a mass of people taking video off their phones of other people taking video.  They seem to miss the moment.  I did take more pictures than is my usual on this trip.  I think it is because I took so few while Billie and I were together.

Firefly liked Vegas.  She likes the extravagance.  I found it expensive and hard to find places to eat.  I don't think I will be going back until things are back to normal.  People have changed since the last time I was there.  I don't understand the need to take your dog to a resort casino.

We stopped at the Hoover Dam after Las Vegas.  We could not go on any tours of the dam so it left us a bit underwhelmed.  

From the Hoover dam we drove into Utah.  I am going to say that Utah is the most beautiful state we traveled.  We did Zion National park and then drove up to Moab and did Arches National park.  Utah is definitely a place I would go back.  I could spend three weeks in the parks there alone.  I would do more off-roading and camping.  We kept the Jeep off the extreme trails we needed to get back and I did not feel like breaking anything.

Arches National Park

Zion National Park

When we left Moab, Utah I drove through Colorado.  It was a nice day and did not want to be traveling the Rookie mountains during bad weather. We stayed the night in a small town in Nebraska.  I have never seen as many cows as I saw in Nebraska.  From Nebraska we made it into Davenport, Iowa and from there to home.  

Firefly was ready to get back.  The trip lost all glamor once we started back north into colder states with  less to see and do.  I was getting tired of the road also but I was not looking forward to my old routine to start again.

It feels strange being home.  The road was a time to both forget and to remember.   I wouldn't mind taking another road trip.  Just not sure with whom.  Firefly was not too bad  and I made the best of the time. I will have to discuss more of my thoughts in later posts.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Adventure Continues

 After visiting Joshua tree National Park yesterday we are off to the sketchiest part of our trip.  We will be spending the next three days, including New Years, in Las Vegas.  I would like to visit some areas but I also want to try to remain safe.  Previously we managed to avoid crowds and visit national parks.  Las Vegas will be different. I will let you know how it goes.

Here are a couple images from Joshua Tree.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Generation Gap

 Firefly is a stereo typical example of what is wrong with girls of generation.  She is cute, but not exceptional.  She spends her time on line looking for validation.  Born from insecurity.  She has an OnlyFans account.  She expects guys to send her money to see seminude and nude images of her.  Some actually do but not enough to make a living from.  

She lives with me and is traveling around the country with me.  She has one boy at home who thinks he is her new boyfriend and that our relationship is platonic.  Its not.  Far from it.  Ours is a mutually beneficial arrangement.  She has another boy she thinks is the one she is going to marry.  He says things like, I am waiting for you.  They are both simps.  I have not even mentioned the handful of other guys she talks with.  She will never be able to commit to one man.

I warn her she needs to settle down and commit, while she is in her prime, before her looks are gone.  Continuing to chase the easy money will leave her with no education and no career. She is setting herself up for failure.  At least a failure to be happy.  

I know she has had it hard but a lot of the choices are her own.  I talk around these things with her, but I don't push too hard.  She doesn't want to hear the truth.  

Monday, December 28, 2020

Tucson to Palm Springs

 My only mistake was not getting a national parks pass from the beginning.  we have been to several and have several more to go.  Spending Christmas in Tucson was a good idea.  The weather was great.  Highs were around 70 degrees.  We spend a few days at the pool and went to Sabino Canyon for a hike.

It was time to move on yesterday.  Firefly gets lazy and I like to see new things.  We are in Palm Springs, California.  It rained last night.  Their idea of a winter storm.  We are going to Joshua Tree tomorrow.  I would like to head for a few more places in the area.  The plan is to drive up through The Mojave with my Jeep Gladiator Mojave on the way to Las Vegas next.